The IMPRIVO Group supports various charity organizations in making the world a little bit better for the structurally disadvantaged, especially children. In the following we would like to introduce the projects we support and the organizations behind them: 

Kinderstiftung Ravensburg

With the “Chancenschenker” project, the Kinderstiftung Ravensburg provides sponsorships for disadvantaged children, enabling them to participate in music, sports, education and culture in schools and clubs. We support this valuable project for the promotion of education and equal opportunities with a permanent sponsorship for 8 children.

We are pleased to be able to support this project and thank the organizers for their commitment.

You can find more information about the Kinderstiftung Ravensburg here:

Childaid Network

The lives of many children in the mountainous regions of northeast India are dominated by child labor and severe poverty.  

The Childaid Network organization has been providing access to education for more than 15 years, thereby creating perspectives for the future of the people in this region.

The Night School project has already given more than 33,000 children and young people in over 500 villages a second chance for education. 

It is important to us to make a small contribution to better life conditions in this part of the world as well. With a sponsorship for about 150 children we support Childaid Network in their valuable project. Thank you for your commitment! 

Special thanks to Dr. Martin Kasper, founder of the Child Network Foundation, Dr. Stefanie Henkel, PR consultant, and Jonas Pfäffinger, project coordinator on site.

Further information about the Childaid Foundation can be found here: 

World Vision

With the program “Umwelt fürs Leben” – FMNR (Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration), WorldVision makes a valuable contribution to the long-term improvement of the quality of life and the self-sufficient supply of farmers in drought regions, such as Kenya, which suffer greatly from the effects of climate change.

The Childhood Rescuers project provides children in so-called “fragile states” with opportunities for early childhood education, recreation, training and care. By building play centers and educational facilities, World Vision offers perspectives and hope for the most vulnerable among us. 

We support the projects of World Vision with a monthly contribution and are sure that this help reaches where it is urgently needed.  

We would like to thank World Vision for their tireless efforts!

For more information on World Vision and its projects, click here:

SH HealthCare Friends e.V.

On the initiative of Susanne Hausmann, personalities from the HealthCare industry joined forces at the end of 2022 and founded the SH HealthCare Friends e.V.  

The club supports disadvantaged children and adolescents and promotes their health development. For this purpose, the club selects suitable organizations and supports them – or initiates corresponding projects itself. 

The IMPRIVO Group is already committed to supporting disadvantaged children in other projects. We would like to further intensify this commitment in the form of a supporting membership in the SH HealthCare Friends e.V. and thank Susanne Hausmann for the initiative and her great dedication.  

If you would like to learn more about the club and its goals, you can inform yourself here: