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YAKOON is based on the modern Salesforce application platform and is born in the cloud. You can work from anywhere without violating data protection regulations.

YAKOON’s 3-layer model offers you the greatest possible flexibility of a state-of-the-art application architecture.

The advantage is the independence of the individual software layers, which therefore offer the possibility of individual customisation and still interlock perfectly in terms of process technology. All data is synchronised harmoniously between the layers so that there are no gaps in the information.

Advantages of these independently operating units:

  • No dependency for customisation or upgrades to the other systems. You can adhere to the manufacturer’s prescribed update cycle.
  • The ERP system does not have to be extensively customised for special processes.
  • Smaller projects for individual software components instead of always having to customise the entire environment.
  • Faster adaptation to market requirements as only a sub-component of the ECO system needs to be developed.
  • Integration (frontend to backend) of operational and patient data to optimise workflows throughout the care process
  • Provision of a modular solution for healthcare providers that coordinates and integrates all processes end-to-end, taking healthcare standards into account 
  • Digitisation of central healthcare data via a secure, patient-centric healthcare cloud
  • Expanded self-service offering for patients
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