Digitisation and process optimisation

Efficient, paperless and location-independent

Software is a tool that must be used correctly for optimum effectiveness. Efficient processes with optimal software support are the key to success.

They must be seamlessly transferred from the field sales force to the office processes. The objective is to realise a high degree of automation for routine tasks and repetitive activities. Equally important is experience and efficient user support provided directly at the workplace. Meaningful reporting about corporate information and for corporate management must be available as automatic results from the processes.

These efficient operational processes will only come into being when the software, organisational structure and processes are able to harmonise perfectly. Therefore we will run an as-is analysis of your current processes and organisational structure and prepare customised optimisation recommendations. Upon request, we will also support you in establishing organisational and process changes and produce measurable results for validation.

The ever-growing cost pressures and the shortage of skilled staff, which will become even more acute in the future, can only be successfully confronted by digitising specific processes. Therefore digitisation must start in the field sales force and in the over the counter business. The objective is to establish paperless processes that can exist regardless of their locations.

We are able to provide you with extensive expertise in:

  • Digital field sales force solutions
  • Paper to data processes (OCR)
  • Interfaces and data automation
  • Document workflow, use of different document management systems (DMS)
  • Electronic invoicing to health insurance companies (§§ 300, 302)
  • The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence